Chairpeople, CEOs, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and founders have never been more in the public eye. We work with you directly as your personal sounding board, to prepare you, to create opportunities and to deliver results. Often this is done as an extension of your in-house team.



Media relations remains an essential tool for telling your story. Journalists are often keen to meet business leaders. We understand how to capture this interest to create positive coverage – be that national, TV or radio. 

Our approach is always to work in a way consistent with your beliefs and objectives. We work hard to help you build the right relationships with journalists, media owners and your peers that let you tell your story.

Thought leadership

There are very high expectations of today’s leaders. They are expected to be shape the debate, to innovate, and lead. The challenge is how to do this, especially with so many calls on their time. 

We can help. We have the skills and experience to turn your vision, ideas and views into content that connects. Whether white papers or social posts, we can co-create the materials you need to stand out.

Thought leadership


People buy people. A short meeting with the right person can often be the most effective way to make progress.

We will use our network to help you connect with the people you need to achieve your aims.

Why Yellow Jersey PR?

By your side

We stand with you shoulder to shoulder


We tailor make programmes around you



We create and find opportunities

Making sense

We make sense of a fragmented world



We work fast

Count on us

We deliver

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