ARC Reserve Currency

ARC Reserve Currency

Sector: Financial Services

Discipline: Investor relations, media relations


To support world renowned crypto-expert Dr. Garrick Hileman on the ICO of his new stablecoin, raising its profile within the crypto and investment press and establishing journalist relationships for Gerrick.


Yellow Jersey prepared by organising preliminary interviews for Dr. Hileman with members of the investment and crypto press to lay the groundwork for the upcoming ICO announcement. We instigated conversations with journalists in the crypto space to prepare them for the launch and educate them on the merits of the stablecoin. In addition, we positioned Dr. Hileman as an expert commentator within the media by hijacking major news stories and organising interviews for Dr. Hileman with publications on pertinent stories and trends.

On the day of the ICO, Yellow Jersey worked tirelessly to bring the news of the ICO to the media’s journalist with phone calls and follow-ups. Activity in the days proceeding the ICO were spent pitching ARC to media, securing further phone interviews for Garrick and securing written article opportunities which allowed Garrick to articulate the benefits of ARC Reserve Currency in his own words – a strong PR tactic which tightly controls messaging.


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