In 2009, in the depths of a financial crisis, we set about creating a disruptive, proactive and fresh communications agency out of a bedroom in East London.

Since those early days, we have grown up. With offices in London, Leeds and Zurich, we have become a trusted partner to a wide variety of organisations. Yet not everything has changed. Our core values remain the same, and we continue to believe that we can do our best work as a firm where our senior team remains actively involved in all client work.

So, why the name? We stay firmly ahead of the pack and stand out. We help our clients do the same.

Since those early days, we have grown up.

Today located in the heart of London’s media land near Borough Market, we have built our brand as a trusted communications adviser in the financial markets.

We have now set our sights on tackling a wider range of marketing communications challenges.

Yet not everything has changed – our core values remain the same. And our belief that we can do the best work as a boutique firm, where our senior team remain actively involved in client work.

 So, why the name? We stay firmly ahead of the pack and stand out. We help our clients do the same.


We work as a tightly knit team, think creatively and then deliver. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, emotionally invest in them and actively look to help them succeed in everyway we can.

This applies to how we think about our own team. We want everyone to act like an owner, doing what is best for the long-term success of our clients. So, we have introduced an employee equity scheme. As a result, we celebrate a low client churn.


More than 50 clients, ranging from public quoted companies, NGO’s, established brands and start-ups, trust the 22 professionals who make up our team. We have multi-sector expertise.

This has been recognised in the Corporate Adviser Rankings, which has placed us top ranked for three years running. We are not here to chase numbers though. We focus on what matters to our clients and the numbers take care of themselves.



Speak the truth


Client is our sun


Pay it forward

Community is everything

Think then engage


Set clear targets

Luck is 99% hard work

Money can't buy manners


“From a PR firm, I want to see creativity, innovation, energy, passion, support, commitment and focus – all wrapped up in a value for money cost structure. In Yellow Jersey I have found exactly that.”

CEO of Sportingbet Plc

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